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Today's Cask is Gose. Recipe created by: Joe Strickland

A traditional German beer style originating in the area of Goslar has been brewed for over 1000 years. The river Gose, from which the style receives its name was the local water source and was heavy in salts from nearby mining operations. To balance out the salt flavour brewers included coriander in their recipes; the result is a slightly salty and tart light bodied beer with a hint of floral spice and light banana esters from German style ale yeast. Wheat and pilsner malts provide some fruit like flavours and body to the beer. Gose is not a hop or malt forward beer, rather it is a fine balance of the four main ingredients brewers had on hand to create something drinkable.

Gose 54: 60% Wheat malt / 40% Pilsner malt
ABV 4.5% IBU 15

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Community Pint
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