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Cask Thursday

Cask Style: White IPA
Brewed by: Celebrity Brewer Matt Mills

Name: Tropic Thunder (I think)
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 75
Malt: Pilsner, Wheat, Unmalted Wheat
Hops: Summit, Centennial, Cascade
Additions: Coriander and Lime

To the best of my recollection this is exactly how it happened. I blame any inaccuracies on the fog of war, and a very long day brewing (mostly the brewing).

Zero Five Hundred Hours
"Operation: If You Brew it They Will Come", AKA "Operation: White Obelisk", AKA "Operation: Please Don't Screw this up, Matt".

A Grizzled veteran Brewer greets me in the brewery:
"You smell that? That's Malts ... I love the Smell of Malts in the morning! I'm Blaker, Vitamin B, The B-Dawg, but you can call me Ace. So, we Brewing or what?"
-       me: "Uhm..."
Ace: "Uhm? UHM! Holy Wheat Berries ... we got ourselves a Rookie."
-       me: "ok ... actually you mind if I get a Coffee?"
Ace: "A Coffee? You want a coffee?"
-       me: "Oh yes please ..."
Ace: "WELL YOU CAN'T HANDLE A COFFEE! Coffee if for Brewers, and you ain't got malt on your boots so I know you ain't a Brewer."
-       me: "So no coffee, then?"
Ace: "Stay on target Rookie, we're here to Brew; not sip soy, half-caff, light foam, mocha-frapa-al-pachinoswhile talking about our man buns.  
I hear that you want citrus - we're gonna use the zest of Lemons, Limes, cracked coriander and some Lime Leaves.
You want a cloudy bright yellow malt body - we're gonna need Pilsner and Wheat malts.
And for a 75 IBU hop Finish - That calls for West Coast Hops: Centennial, Cascade, and Summit
And we'll use a unique yeast ... No one will see that coming! At 5.5% abv - This'll be a thing of beauty!"
 me: "Actually, you wanna read the recipe?"
Ace: "Recipe? Ha! I don't read the recipe ... The recipe reads me!"
 me: "I really don't think that's a thing ..."
Ace: "Shut it Rook! Follow my lead and we'll both get out of this alive, and you'll have the best beer you ever made to take home to your Momma."
me: "But this is the first beer I've ever brewed ... and I don't live with my Momma."
Ace: "Exactly, kid ... You're welcome. Now get to work while I finish my coffee."


Tropic Thunder pours a hazy bright yellow colour. Aromas of tropical citrus and floral notes blend with a light malt body composed of Pilsner and Wheat Malts, which balance a distinct west coast hop finish.

cask tapped at 3pm

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